Tell you hallway aisle complete copper lamp buy skills

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
It is well known that the corridor is an important place for family members to enter each room, and the corridor needs strong lighting requirements. So how should the all-copper lamps in the corridor be purchased? When choosing all-copper lamps for corridor aisles, we must first choose according to the depth and width of the corridor aisles. If it is a wider corridor, such as the corridor aisles of large villas, you can choose to mention a copper chandelier of corresponding specifications, and then choose some auxiliary lights to ensure the brightness of illumination. For auxiliary lights, you can choose all-copper wall lamps or all-copper small half hanging, small ceiling, etc. If it is the corridor corridor of a general suite, all-copper ceiling lamps and semi-chandeliers matching the decoration style can be selected according to the space size, and several small all-copper ceiling lamps can be installed in the narrow corridor, avoid insufficient lighting on the corridor. When choosing the all-copper lamp in the corridor aisle, remember to match it with the overall home decoration style, and do not match it casually.
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