Tell you all copper glass solder lamp lighting knowledge

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-05
When enjoying all-copper glass solder lamps, they usually have bright spots; The appearance of the form has become the focus of attracting people's vision. The light transmission effect of all-copper glass solder lamp is also the most important in addition to its own light source factor. In European lamps, a large number of glasses are selected from green glass, in the later period, pickling was used as the effect of old lamps to achieve an artistic effect of European and American style. Because from the perspective of lighting and people's visual acceptance of Light: The Gathering and scattering of bright spots can cause Close and relaxed psychological feelings; The regular arrangement and change of bright spots can produce a sense of rhythm and rhythm. However, the focus is too strong and concentrated, which is easy to cause visual fatigue; However, if the focus is too much, it is easy to make people lose their attention and turn a blind eye to it. It can be seen that bright spots play an active and active role in space. They appear in appropriate positions and forms in visual field composition, and play an important role in artistic processing. Do you know the little knowledge about the lighting of all-copper glass solder lamps?
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