Tell me about the hotel energy-saving principle of lamps and lanterns of customization

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-26
1, the energy-saving principle of lamps and lanterns to customize a hotel: villa, relative to other residence space is big, the installation of lamps and lanterns is much also, so the consumption of electricity is more also. Use energy-efficient light bulbs not only can consume less power, also can get good illumination. 2, the security principle: custom hotel lamps and lanterns of choose and buy must choose the lamps and lanterns of normal manufacturer. Formal products marked with the total load, according to the total load, can determine how many wattage bulbs are used, especially for bull droplight is important. The toilet with additionally big humidity, kitchen should choose waterproof lamps and lanterns. 3, functional principle: the different space, we should use different hotel customizations include design of lamps and lanterns, illumination and so on, different illumination function into full play. The sitting room should choose bright, richly lamps and lanterns; The bedroom should choose comfortable, sweet and not dazzling lamps and lanterns; Children room should choose color is gorgeous, the lamps and lanterns of style abound change, but must pay attention to the light pollution. Lighting technique and the way as the light source of varieties of different changes. Buildings and lighting lamps and lanterns on the use of different materials, can the glow from reflection and transmission, refraction of light source, thereby significantly changes the properties of light sources emit light. The transmitted data, translucent paper lanterns, paste paper, thin, translucent plastic, translucent glass marble, wax, stone, etc. Data transmission is mainly used for lighting lamps and lanterns. Because of the difference of consumption and processing technology, and the use of different light source, can get the common light source. Incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp light source at a time, because of the reflection and transmission to be reflected in the appearance of things also can become light source, this is the so-called secondary light source.
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