Tell feng shui knowledge of restaurant chandeliers for you

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
Restaurants are places where people eat. Chandeliers in restaurants should not be too dazzling, which will not only affect people's appetite, but also destroy healthy feng shui. Let's take a look at the Feng Shui and related knowledge of restaurant chandeliers with Xiaobian. 1. The feng shui of restaurant chandeliers cannot use white Three Lamps. In the Feng Shui of restaurant chandeliers, there are some chandeliers composed of three lamps, which are very novel in design, it also has a post-modern decorative style, but putting such a design in a restaurant will bring great harm to our health. In the feng shui of the restaurant lights, such a lighting design is like a funeral, because white candles are the most commonly used form in the funeral, so we must avoid such a design. 2. The feng shui light of the restaurant chandelier should be soft to bring appetite. In the feng shui of the restaurant chandelier, the soft light can bring us a great appetite and bring health to our family. Like some chandeliers with unique shapes, soft light, soft light and elegant colors. The faint light quietly reflected on the steaming delicacies, creating a warm dining atmosphere for us, this is also the feng shui of the restaurant chandelier to stimulate people's appetite to create a warm atmosphere of the family, but also to promote the physical and mental health of the family. Moreover, good lighting can make food delicious and bring a kind of enjoyment to people's vision. 3. The color of the Feng Shui lamp of the restaurant chandelier should be simple and elegant. Our restaurant should be comfortable, convenient, beautiful and simple. The visual effect should be bright and clean. From the perspective of the feng shui of the restaurant chandelier, sufficient sunshine will bring the effect of gathering wealth in the home. Therefore, a window can be opened in the south of the family restaurant, and some natural light can be adopted during the day. In summary, the shape of the restaurant chandelier should not be too cumbersome. We should design a design that saves both space and warmth. In the feng shui of the restaurant lights, the lamp cannot be shot from many angles on the dining table, that is, the main light should be chosen carefully. In the feng shui of the restaurant chandelier, you can choose the lamp to increase the warmth.
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