Teach you how to maintain all copper ceiling lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-26
Q: How to maintain all-copper ceiling lamps? Answer: 1. All copper ceiling lamps should be checked regularly at ordinary times. If there is poor contact with the wick or loose ballast, it should be reinstalled and adjusted in time. 2, pay attention to the indoor temperature, often set a specific ambient temperature, the temperature is too high or too low will affect its life, so to keep the temperature appropriate. 3. When installing all-copper ceiling lamps, the roof situation of the home should be considered. If it is a masonry roof, embedded bolts should be used, or expansion bolts, nylon plugs, plastic plugs, etc. should be used to fix it, wooden wedges cannot be used. Don't hang too many decorations on the lamps at ordinary times, otherwise it will fall off and hurt people if it exceeds the carrying capacity. 4. Although the all-copper ceiling lamp is close to the ceiling, some electromagnetic reactions will still absorb dust in the air when turning on the lamp. The lights will also attract mosquitoes to fly into the lampshade, so remember to keep a clean home environment and clean the lamps to prevent the lights from darkening. 5. Be careful to prevent hard objects from touching the all-copper ceiling lamp, otherwise it will easily scratch the surface of the lamp and seriously break the lamp body. If you want to move the lamp, keep balance and be careful not to let the all-copper ceiling lamp fall to one side.
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