Teach you how to choose the size of the living room ceiling lamp?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
Before 2000, the ceiling lamps were single in style and single in material, mostly made of medium and low-grade materials. The light sources generally used energy-saving lamps and bulbs, and were mainly inductive ceiling lamps. People in the current society have been pursuing quality life, and today's society is a society with developed science and technology. Science and technology continue to progress, and copper has been used as the main component of lamps in Chinese history, the gorgeous, changeable and magnificent ceiling lamp, that is, the living room ceiling lamp, has already abandoned the low-grade single ceiling lamp 2000 years ago. The shape of the living room ceiling lamp varies and the size can be adjusted freely. It can be applied to almost every space in the decoration. For example, we can choose some living room ceiling lamps with relatively simple shapes and not too large lamp sizes for relatively small spaces such as porch, corridor, stairs, balcony, lobby, toilet and corridor, to meet the requirements of these spaces for lighting and decoration. How do we choose the size of the living room ceiling lamp according to the size of the room. Room area 1-3 square meters, can use a diameter of 25-Room area between 30CM 3-5 square meters, can use a diameter of 30-Room area between 35CM 5-10 square meters, can use diameter of 35- 45CM and so on can better choose the living room ceiling lamp that is more suitable for you. At the same time, for the sake of environmental protection, it is recommended to use energy-saving and LED warm light sources when purchasing the living room ceiling lamp light source.
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