Teach you how to choose all copper restaurant chandeliers?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
The restaurant is a place where the family gather together for dinner. At the beginning of the Hua Deng, it is a warm picture for the family to eat and laugh in front of the table. At this moment, the lamps on the dining table are even more important. How to choose a suitable all-copper restaurant chandelier has become a problem that many consumers ignore and confuse. Today, the author also tells you how to choose a copper restaurant chandelier that suits you according to the size of the space. Generally, if the floor height of the room is low, downlight or ceiling lamp should be selected as the main light source. If the restaurant space is small and the dining table is against the wall, then it is not necessary to choose the all-copper restaurant chandelier as the main light source. The lighting needs can be obtained by the clever matching of wall lamps and downlights. If properly handled, it is no weaker than the beautification effect of the chandelier. If the restaurant is spacious enough, it is the most ideal lighting method to choose the all-copper restaurant chandelier as the main light source and the wall lamp as the auxiliary light. For example, the combination of the low-hanging all-copper restaurant chandelier and the inlaid lamp on the ceiling can also provide local lighting for the dining table on the premise of meeting the basic lighting of the space. The combination of all-copper restaurant chandeliers is various, with a single lamp, three small lamps in a row and multiple small lamps embedded on the glass plate, and a plurality of lamp balls arranged in different sizes. When choosing a copper restaurant chandelier, the size of the lamp should be determined according to the size of the dining table. The dining table is longer, so it is better to choose a row of small chandeliers, and each small lamp is controlled by a switch, so that the corresponding number of chandeliers can be turned on according to the dining needs. If it is a folding dining table, you can choose a retractable stainless steel round chandelier to expand the lighting space as needed at any time. The single chandelier or wind chime-shaped chandelier is more suitable for matching with square or round dining tables. The all-copper restaurant chandelier not only meets the basic lighting, but also pays more attention to creating a dining atmosphere and setting off a warm and romantic home atmosphere. Therefore, we should try our best to choose a warm color and a light source that can adjust brightness, instead of blindly choosing an energy-saving lamp with cold white light like a fluorescent lamp in order to save electricity. The material, color and shape of all-copper restaurant chandeliers must be coordinated with the decoration design style of furniture and the overall space.
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