Tasting the noble temperament of glass solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-02
When I sat alone and quietly tasted the glass solder lamp, I found that I really didn't know how to give an accurate concept to the glass solder lamp that I never tire. Is it bohemian or classical? Is it elegant or aestheticism? It seems to be like, but it doesn't feel very accurate. Because, whether it is the gorgeous Versailles, but also the mysterious San Diego Cathedral; Whether it is the style of the Middle East, or the Chinese culture with full of charm, you can see it in the glass solder lamp. Only in different shapes of glass solder lamps, may be more emphasis on a certain culture. As we all know, Versailles has always been famous for its magnificent appearance and interior decoration. Some of our glass solder lamps come from the classic Baroque style of Versailles. The designer can achieve a glass solder lamp product through the structure created by lines, strict outline and dense form, using delicate and complicated 36 processes and fine carving. Although it is somewhat complicated, it has become a classic that people can't resist, and people can't refuse.
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