Talking about the selection and collocation of chandeliers in all copper restaurants

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
All-copper restaurant chandeliers are divided into many shapes and types, so how should we correctly choose and match the corresponding all-copper restaurant chandeliers? The restaurant is used very frequently as a place for people to eat and dinner. A good copper restaurant chandelier has a great impact on people's mood and appetite, whether it is the shape of the all-copper restaurant chandelier or the lighting, it cannot be ignored. The choice of light: the light source of the all-copper restaurant chandelier is recommended to choose yellow warm light, the color temperature is about 3000 K, yellow light is a relatively warm color, which has a warming effect on people's mood, it has the effect of setting off the atmosphere and can also enhance people's appetite. Choice of all-copper restaurant chandeliers: at present, there are many common all-copper restaurant chandeliers on the market, usually rectangular, round and square. The choice of all-copper restaurant chandeliers should be matched with the dining table. Only in this way can the whole be unified and the overall effect be more harmonious and perfect. For example, the general rectangular household dining table can choose some rectangular shape of the copper restaurant chandelier, or you can use a round small restaurant chandelier. It should be noted that when adjusting the all-copper restaurant chandelier, the line of sight should be parallel to the bottom of the lampshade. The height of the all-copper restaurant chandelier is the best, of course, it can also be adjusted according to the actual situation.
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