Take you to understand the lightning protection knowledge of outdoor courtyard lights

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
Courtyard lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting lamp, which is widely used in squares, private gardens and landscape areas. Courtyard lamp plays a decorative effect during the day. When night falls, the courtyard lights are transformed into a little starlight to play the role of lighting. Since the courtyard lights are placed outdoors, due to the particularity of the location, especially in thunderstorms, it is essential to understand the lightning protection knowledge of the courtyard lights. The lightning protection facilities of outdoor courtyard lamps generally consist of three parts: a flasher, a lower lead and a grounding device. 1. Flasher: at present, outdoor courtyard lamps are made of conductor materials, which is equivalent to a lightning rod, I . e. flasher. So when a lightning strike occurs around the pole, if there is no conductor higher than the pole (Trees, etc) Around the light pole, the light pole body can guide the Lightning and disperse the Lightning to the ground through the down Guide and grounding device to avoid equipment damage and personal safety accidents. 2. Lower lead: Since the lamp pole of the courtyard lamp is made of steel and hot galvanized, the lamp pole itself can be used as a lower lead. The outer surface of the lamp post should be sprayed with plastic powder, so it has certain outer insulation capability under the condition of ensuring the conductivity of the downlead. 3. Grounding device: the grounding device is made of 50*50 * T5 hot dip galvanized angle steel with a length of 75 cm. One end of the angle steel is cut by equipment, which is beneficial to deep underground; The other end of the angle steel is welded with hot-dip galvanized flat steel with a width of 50mm, the welding width is twice the width of the flat steel, and anti-corrosion treatment is carried out at the welding position. During the construction of the street lamp Foundation, the completed grounding device is vertically buried 1m below the surface. After the lamp pole is set up, the flat iron must be welded with the flange of the lamp pole, and the welding width is twice the width of the flat iron. The lightning protection grounding resistance of outdoor courtyard lights is in accordance with national regulations (Code for construction and acceptance of grounding devices (GB50169-2006))The monomer needs to be no more than 10 ohms. After the installation of the street lamp is completed, use the grounding Shaker to check whether the lightning protection grounding meets the standard.
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