Take you to explore the bronze lamps of the Warring States period

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
Opening the history of China, we can easily find that China's lamp culture is a voluminous art scroll. In the long history, human beings gradually made fire and used fire consciously. Besides hunting, cooking and fighting, fire was of course illuminated by fire. After continuous improvement and evolution of these auxiliary equipment used to fix fire sources, there have been articles specially used for lighting--Copper lamp. From the initial simple form of copper lamps to the various forms full of artistic elements. As the consciousness and creation that human beings gradually brewed and sprouted in practice, they remained in the works created by prehistoric ancestors; On. Although these works; Have some understanding different from later generations; , Some meaning; , Faintly reveals the bright colors of thoughts that only they can see. Along with the slow evolution of human beings, with the hands of their ancestors and childish imagination, they gradually approached the civilized era. During this period, its development trajectory should of course be from simple to relatively complex, from unintentional to more intentional, from rough to exquisite. This article attempts to appreciate the classic copper lamps left in the past dynasties in our country, hoping to be of some help to the development of copper lamps in our country. The bronze lamp that can be tested in China's history is the Warring States period. The representative is the silver-headed copper lamp. The production age was in the middle of the Warring States period, and the tombs of the Zhongshan state in the Warring States Period in Pingshan county, Hebei province were unearthed. High 66. 4 cm, width 55. 2 cm, weighing 11. , Unearthed in the tomb of the King of Zhongshan in 1977. It consists of a human seat, a pole and a lamp board. It consists of three nine-hour lights. A young man was set up on the side of the animal pattern. He was wearing a moiré right sleeve sleeve robe, a waist strap and a hook, and a silver head. Exquisite hair, black gem inlaid eyes, very vivid. The two arms stretched out horizontally, the left hand held a snake tail, the snake head was stiff, the top of the kiss was a light plate, the next light plate was a snake along the ring plate, and the top of the kiss was a snake waist to stabilize it. Holding a snake in the right hand, the lamppost on the lamppost has a dragon monkey. After the lights are lit up and down, the lights are illuminated, and the gems are sparkling, showing the scene of acrobats playing snakes and monkeys. This lamp has a strange shape and fully reflects the level of technology in the Warring States period.
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