Take you into the story behind the production of all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-30
I am a full copper lamp sales staff. Some time ago, the company organized our sales staff to go to the factory to learn the production process of lamps. I recorded some processes with a camera, a lamp, a beam of light, what is ingenuity, or these pictures are the best answer. American lamps are the most elegant in the shape and lines of curved pipes. The exquisite lines set off each other. They are full of noble and luxurious taste, and also reflect the gentle and elegant atmosphere, the elbow is divided into hot bending and cold bending, which are made by manual pulling. The strength, fine technology, and mold are the same. Copper strip cutting: We saw the sparkling copper, and we couldn't see the cumbersome production behind it; We saw the hands with gloves, not the palms full of calluses. Soldering process: soldering is a welding method that uses low melting point metal solder to heat and melt, infiltrate and fill the gap at the joint of metal parts. The repeated process Day after day has long become the daily routine of teachers, solder is a meticulous work. It is necessary to control the idle time between solder to ensure that the lampshade does not leak light. Wind welding: the connection between copper materials is completed by wind welding, and the high temperature master has been sweating. Polishing: in the polishing workshop, the polished copper is high temperature and there is a lot of powder in the polishing process. The Workers polish again and again to make the surface of the lamp smooth and bright. The beautiful copper strokes on the lamps are all drawn by our experienced aunts. The subtle parts of the lampshade are oiled to ensure the appearance and quality of the lamps. The colors of all copper lamps are all artificially rubbed after acid. I can't remember how many lamps I wipe every day. I only remember my hands that are still and painful in the dead of night. I search for ingenuity on Baidu; The result is the mind of the craftsman; The study in the factory made me re-recognize the ingenuity. Ingenuity is the process of team combination, the persistence of dedication, the truth of the details, and the time, energy and sweat of the craftsman. Snooker Meiju all copper lamp manufacturers, pay tribute to the ingenuity!
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