SZ50731-08-- 'Temperament small public' in American copper chandeliers'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-01
These days, people don't say that they are beautiful, beautiful, and they feel too superficial. Now it is popular to say: mainly look at temperament; . By the way, I secretly tell you that I am a small public show in the all-copper chandelier of snooker; Oh. This temperament, hey, don't believe it? Then I will introduce myself briefly! My English name is: SZ50731- 08, my Chinese name is: Snooker all copper chandelier. Look, just listen to my name and feel temperament. I am in line with international standards. Cough cough, speaking of my appearance, I am quite temperamental in the big family of snooker. The first-class transparent crystal is always bulingbuling, and the elegant and delicate fabric lampshade is elegant and noble. By the way, there is also a full copper disc, which is perfect with my first-class crystal. What is even more unforgettable is the all-copper lamp arm, elegant bronze color, exudes a retro luxury, all-copper style, natural and elegant. My appearance is quite temperamental, and my inner temperament is the same. After polishing, polishing, hot bending and other processes, I have today. Snooker's customers especially like to put me in the living room, study, dining room, bedroom, I am a versatile home decoration!
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