SZ50703 copper chandelier--Graceful dancer

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-01
Look, the wonderful program is on, who is the next one? It is the all-copper chandelier of our snooker House. At this time, she is ready to go under the stage, with surprises and a slight sense of tension. The atmosphere of the whole scene was extremely warm. What kind of performance will she bring to the audience? Let's wait and see! The all-copper chandelier SZ50703 debuted. As soon as she came to power, the audience's eyes were gathered on her. The bronze skin is matched with a brushed lampshade, which is more mysterious. Perhaps, she will be more and more dazzling when standing in the brilliant hotel lobby. However, the audience at this time has long been unable to look away. Under the spotlight, she is so beautiful and moving, gently tiptoe, her interpretation is beginning. With the rhythm of music, every movement is so in tune. Those curved and just-right lamp walls were her flexible hands and long arms waving the elegant filaments. All the audience were fascinated by her every movement at this time. The applause rang out, and the audience praised her! At this time, she was shining. The LED bulb of E14 embedded in each lampshade was her clever eyes. This all-copper lamp, in this stage that belongs to her, radiates all its light. She is the dancer of the snooker all-copper lamp, a European classical all-copper chandelier. The beautiful performance is over, leaving her figure in the light!
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