Surprised! ! ! Original Complete copper lamp long-term don't cleaning there so more harm?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
Many people will think that everything will be fine when the all-copper lamp is installed at home. You can leave it alone. In fact, it is not the case. After the all-copper lamp is installed, it also needs to be cleaned. If it is not cleaned, it may cause a lot of harm, the following small series to tell you about all copper lamps for a long time do not clean what harm? First, it affects the beauty. As the saying goes, gold is also afraid of being covered with ash. If a beautiful all-copper lamp is not cleaned for a long time, it will be eclipsed by thick dust. Second, vision damage all copper lamps do not clean for a long time, the light will be darker, often in dim light will cause poor mental state. According to the survey, if the dust is not cleaned within one year, the brightness of the light will be reduced by 30%. Three, safety hazards all copper lamps in the case of long-term cleaning, metal fittings are easy to age, thus there are certain safety hazards. Fourth, the service life is shortened. If the all-copper lamp is not cleaned for a long time, the surface of the lamp will be covered with dust, which will greatly reduce the heat dissipation and luminous effects, thus reducing the service life of the lamp. Therefore, people must pay attention to daily cleaning when using all-copper lamps, so that all-copper lamps can be used for a lifetime; !
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