Structure and common problems of bedside table lamp for glass solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-15
As an important role of glass solder lamp, it is a European-style desk lamp. This kind of glass is generally composed of a center column and a base, with a matching bracket and a lampshade. In principle, European table lamps are basically assembled and must be placed in a stable place. In the assembly process of bulk European-style desk lamps, attention should be paid to the correct vertical rotation of the tooth path and the overall vertical direction of European-style desk lamps should be adjusted. European table lamp is easy to have the following problems when it is used for the first time: 1. European table lamp lampshade and lamp body are not in a straight line. This kind of situation is often caused by the uneven bracket of the European-style desk lamp. We just need to remove the lampshade and use the tool to flatten the bracket. 2. After the European table lamp dimming switch is installed with an energy-saving lamp, it makes some squeaky noise. There are two reasons for this situation. The first, energy-saving lamps Lamp caps also European lamp of Lamp caps contact bad produce electric spark. In this case, turn out the energy-saving lamp, turn off the power supply, use a tool to gently pick up the shrapnel in the lamp cap of the European-style desk lamp, and then install the energy-saving lamp, so repeatedly adjust until there is no abnormal sound. Second, the dimming switch of the European desk lamp did not hit the maximum position and caused abnormal noise. In this case, you can turn the dimming switch to the maximum. 3, European table lamp wire heating. This situation is often encountered because the voltage is too high or the light source power of the European table lamp exceeds the rated power. In case of too high voltage, please turn off all power supplies in time and notify property management or professional electricians to check the circuit. In the case of high light source power, it is better to directly replace the high light source.
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