Strength grass! 2018 New European wall lamp look here is enough!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-04
Strength grass! Snooker Mercure 2018 new European wall lamp fresh out of the oven! Let's follow the editor to find out! SB50881 European wall lamp with horn reputation, characteristic wrist cloth pattern glass lampshade, wine red all-copper lamp Wall, Noble retro color integrated into modern elements without any sense of discord. SB50883 simple and stylish, Mediterranean design, white spiral glass lampshade, creative blue PVC material package. Modern fashion is full, dressing up a different home. A glass of red wine, a touch of light, romance is so simple, you are not mistaken, this is a European-style wall lamp in the shape of a red wine glass, get rid of the monotonous shape in the past, break through the limit, this time to have some material. SB50886 series wall lamp, do you remember?
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