Star hotel lighting about how to choose high-grade decorative lighting

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-24
Star hotel lighting about how to choose high-grade lighting 0 - 0 - In modern hotel design, each star hotel has its own unique structure. For hotel lighting design, this will no doubt be complicating hotel lighting, but at the same time can cooperate with unique structure of fashion design. In the face of such situation about how to choose? When choosing a hotel lighting lamps and lanterns is considered high-end level of and at the same time, also should consider to reduce maintenance cost, avoid maintenance of lamps and lanterns influence the normal operation of the hotel, choose the service life is long, the warranty period is long, low maintenance rate of hotel lighting lamps and lanterns. Copper lamps and lanterns and wrought iron lamps and lanterns should be the choice of star hotel lighting lamps and lanterns, crystal lamp is the hotel of choice for lighting lamps and lanterns. At the same time can customize of the hotel's unique structure is consistent with his temperament hotel lighting lamps and lanterns, increase the uniqueness of the hotel decorate already so, also left a deep impression for the customer. At the top of the building installation for project-light lamp light display space structure, building at the top of the building for pillar installation project-light lamp light reflect the structural style of architecture, installed in the bottom of the building floodlight to wash light, wash the wall lamp in the compound floor installation linear display building outline, the group at the bottom of the floor installation for buried project-light lamp light make building whole looks more beautiful. For the foil atmosphere at the bottom of the building installation warm wash wall lamp, and to show the effect of the building outline. On the building facade with cool color attune to wash wash wall lamp light show the style of architecture. At the top of the building to install the air rose, to wash project-light lamp light construction, make construction overall better reflect. The previous: absorb dome light installation knowledge next article: contracted style crystal droplight suit to decorate what style? Product recommendations
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