[Sports] Opener Stadium: Allianz costs 280 million to accommodate 66,000 people

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-04
 Opener · Stadium In April 2005, the Allianz Arena, which can accommodate 66,000 people, was officially completed. The stadium cost a total of 280 million euros, and the off-site wall consists of 2,874 diamond-shaped membrane structures, which are self-cleaning, fireproof, waterproof and heat-insulating. The interior always maintains an atmospheric pressure of 350 Pascals. When the team playing in the stadium changes, the color of the wall can also change. In addition, Philips ArenaVision floodlights are a combination of light source, reflector and electrical lighting system, plus optimized lighting design and lighting, in terms of illumination, illumination uniformity, glare control, color temperature, color rendering and light directionality Especially outstanding, it meets the visual requirements of athletes and the audience, ensuring that the TV viewers see the best picture, allowing the audience to clearly capture the trajectory of the football flight in the wide field of view of the stadium, while leaving the trailing TV The image is instantly transmitted to every corner of the globe. Editor: Zheng Yaqin    
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