Spatial layout of all-copper glass solder lamp--Did you use it right?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-11
With the continuous improvement of the shape of all-copper glass solder lamp, it is no longer only purchased as a lighting tool by people. Now all-copper glass solder lamp is being used as an artwork, A representative of aesthetics and identity exists. Then different all-copper glass solder lamps create different effects and atmospheres for the living room. All-copper glass solder lamps represent glory and elegance and are becoming more and more popular. So, in the home decoration, what do you need to pay attention to in the feng shui of the guest all copper glass solder lamp? 1. The ceiling should be light-colored. The ceiling of the living room represents the sky and the floor represents the ground. The color of the ceiling should be light, and the color of the floor should be dark, that is, the sky is light and the ground is heavy; In this way, there will be no visual feeling of Taishan topping. Since the ceiling of the living room is a symbol of the sky, its color should be the same as that of the sky, such as light blue symbolizing the blue sky and white symbolizing the white cloud. 2700- Light sources with 3000K and color rendering index above 80 are the best choice for all-copper restaurant lamps in hotels. Frosted lampshades are recommended. The light is naturally soft. Eating in a warm environment can also promote feelings. 2. The living room should be equipped with round all-copper glass solder lamps. The room should have a bright feeling, so the lighting of the living room should be sufficient. The dim living room environment will affect the development of the cause. The choice of ceiling lamps in the living room is very important. It is best to use a round all-copper chandelier or ceiling lamp, because the circle has the meaning of complete happiness. Some living rooms lack sunlight, and the indoor light is dim, which is easily frustrating. In this way, it is better to set fluorescent lamps in the dark grooves on the four sides so that the light reflected from the ceiling is soft and not dazzling. Fluorescent lamps with light close to sunlight are most suitable for rooms lacking natural light. 3. All-copper glass solder lamp should have Tianchi light to affect our mood and daily work and life. If it is pressed too low to allow the beam of the roof to accommodate the all-copper glass solder lamp, it is very awkward in terms of feng shui or design. In this case, low, medium and high-shaped ceilings can be used, which not only makes it more visually comfortable, but also forms a pool of water in the ceiling; , This is a great advantage for a house, if in the water Tianchi; There is a beautiful decoration hanging in the center, such as a crystal all-copper chandelier, which can make the finishing touch, but it is not a taboo in feng shui to install a mirror on the ceiling. 4. Choose all-copper glass solder lamp according to the principle of feng shui in the living room first, avoid using square ceiling all-copper chandelier, square all-copper chandelier and people in the middle will become a prisoner; Words, make you trapped. Second, avoid Fishbone restricting all copper chandeliers. Fishbone first represents poverty, no fish can be eaten, and then bone itself is evil, so we should use it carefully.
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