Sources of all-Copper Solder lamps customized for non-standard copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
All copper glass solder lamp, English name: bound galss lamp; . It means a glass lamp that is bent. Technically speaking, the all-copper glass solder lamp is made of copper and glass as the main materials, and the copper sheet is processed into a groove shape by manual use of simple machinery, then wrap the glass edges of various shapes prepared in advance with the prepared copper groove. Next, the skilled workers use hot chrome iron or electric iron to burn red and tin, and weld pieces of glass wrapped in copper bars together to finally obtain various lampshades. Therefore, we have a very good image of it in China. In China, people are used to calling it all-Copper Solder lamp, solder lamp and glass solder lamp. All-copper glass solder lamp originated in North America. It is a kind of lamp based on the architectural style of North America and Europe in the 19th century. It was later introduced into China by Taiwanese, in the early days of China's reform and opening up, Taiwanese businessmen were brought into China. After more than 20 years of development in China, all-copper glass solder lamps have gradually evolved from the simple North American style in the past. Up to now, the fields involved in all-copper glass solder lamps include almost all high-end lamps such as Chinese classical lamps and European crystal lamps. The significance of all-copper glass solder lamp has also evolved from a single style lamp in the past to a common lamp manufacturing process. Classification of all-copper glass solder lamps: classified according to the installation method of all-copper glass solder lamps, the most common ones can be divided into the following three categories: all the lamps hanging between the lampshade and the ceiling are connected by a hanging chain, and the lampshade is made of copper and glass, chandeliers made by manual soldering can be classified into all-copper glass soldering chandeliers. All-copper glass solder semi-chandelier all-copper glass solder semi-chandelier is also called semi-ceiling lamp. The inside of all lampshades faces the ceiling, and more than three diagonal pull rods are used to connect the lampshades with the ceiling, and the lamp whose lampshade is made up of artificial soldering technology can be called all-copper glass solder semi-chandelier. Its obvious external feature is that when we look up at the lamp, the lamps are all in the shape of a hanging pot. So many times it is also known as the hanging pot lamp. All-copper glass solder ceiling lamp all-copper glass solder ceiling lamp is a lamp whose lampshade is installed close to the ceiling and whose lampshade is composed of artificial soldering technology. All lamps can be called all-copper glass solder ceiling lamps.
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