Source Power Photoelectric 'Where is the boss going?' Follow-up: Say good wages?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-01

On September 11th, a number of media outlets broke out of Zhao Yuanben, the chairman of Sichuan Yuanli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and pointed out that the company was in a state of suspension. The company has defaulted on employees’ two-month salary. I received the salary and the whole family was dissolved. At the same time, the “responsible person” of the enterprise “resolved” through the media, claiming that the situation of Zhao’s loss was true, but some of the statements on the Internet were different from the facts and told that it would be issued at 3 pm on September 16. The salary arrears in the month.

Source power photovoltaic factory site

On September 16, Zhao Yuanben, the chairman of Sichuan Yuanli Photoelectric Co., Ltd., had lost one week. The reporter of China Lighting Network came to Yuanli Optoelectronics Factory in the afternoon. A large number of Yuanli Optoelectronics employees gathered at the scene to wait for the payment of wages, but the deadline was By 5 pm on September 16th, the relevant person in charge of Yuanli Optoelectronics did not show up. The previous promise of issuing July salary at 3 pm on September 16 was not fulfilled.

Yuanli photoelectric part of the staff is waiting to pay wages

Chuanyuanli Optoelectronics carries a private loan, financial status is unknown

For the news that the source of the photovoltaic power host on the network was controlled, the source responsible for the photoelectricity said: 'The company's financial staff is afraid to re-issue things, protect the financial host, in case of host beating, data loss, etc. thing'. An employee of Yuanli Optoelectronics told the China Lighting Network reporter that at around 1:30 am on September 9, unidentified people moved out of the company's financial host day and night, and shipped some fixed assets and equipment from the factory. Soon after, some people released the wind that the chairman Zhao’s book had “running the road”, and the financial host was controlled or protected.

Regarding the statement that Sichuan Yuanli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. owes a lot of money to the bank, China Lighting Network reporter learned from a financial institution that cooperated with Yuanli Optoelectronics that Yuanli Optoelectronics has now mortgaged the plant including fixed assets and equipment in the factory. The bank, with a valuation of about 120 million yuan, has obtained a loan of about 60 million yuan from the bank, but in August this year, it has repaid most of the loans to the lending bank, and the largest loan repayment amounted to 45 million yuan. . From the book, the financial status of Yuanli Optoelectronics is not much problem, but it has been circulating that Yuanli Optoelectronics is carrying a large number of private loans, so the real financial situation of the company is unknown.

Zhao Yuanben, Chairman of Sichuan Yuanli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

has hired idle workers into the workshop to create a good production illusion

According to the reporter's understanding, Zhao was enlisted in the Guangzhou Air Force in 1983. During his military career, he worked in the ground maintenance and electrical instrument maintenance. After demobilization in 1987, he went to the Supply Division of the Second Textile Factory in Xinghua City. Bing and state-owned enterprises background. In 1999, Zhao had established Gulong Trading Co., Ltd. and Gulong Stainless Steel Material Factory in Chengdu and Jiangsu. He started his career in selling stainless steel materials. In 2005, he established Sichuan Gulong Group, which has several subsidiaries. Sichuan Yuanli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is also Gulong Group. Its wholly-owned subsidiary. In 2008, Zhao’s original book also initiated the establishment of the Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan Province and served as the first president.

Therefore, Zhao was originally influential in the Jiangsu business community and the Sichuan business community, and invested in a number of real estate projects, the investment amount is more than 100 million yuan, can be described as strong financial resources. Then, what is the operating status of Yuanli Optoelectronics in recent years? An old employee who worked in Yuanli Optoelectronics for five years said: 'In recent years, the production of Photoelectric Optoelectronics has been sluggish. There have been bank staff and customers visiting the factory. The company hired more than 70 idlers from outside to pretend to be put into the workshop to produce the illusion of good production conditions.'

The employee did not get the salary owed.

Does Yuanli Optoelectronics owe a lot of wages to employees, and have employees got the debts? The employees of Yuanli Optoelectronics said that since July, the company has not paid wages. So far, the company has owed a total of employees’ wages and social security benefits. A total of about 1.39 million yuan. Some employees told China Lighting Network that at the beginning of this year, there were rumors that the middle and senior management personnel of Yuanli Optoelectronics collectively handled the credit card cash, but before the boss lost the joint, the company had repaid part of the cash cashed out by the credit card. For the employee who has already got the salary owed, the employee said that he did not get the relevant vouchers.

At present, from the news of the chairman's “running the road” on September 9th, the workers began to strike, Yuanli Optoelectronics has completely stopped production, all employees have not been disbanded, but stayed in the factory area waiting for the company to solve the problem and pay wages. The company has already removed some of its fixed assets and equipment. In response to the problem of wage arrears, the employees said that they had collectively reported to the local public security organs on September 16 and the relevant materials were also being submitted for submission, hoping to solve them through legal channels.

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