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SME lighting quality shadows

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02
 Report from China Quality News: As the saying goes, the lights are the eyes of the house. A good quality, stylish and generous lamp is really like a pair of bright eyes, which adds a lot to our lives. At present, with the improvement of housing conditions, the market demand for lamps and lanterns is increasing, and the value of lighting products is also being sublimated. In addition to the most basic lighting functions, today's lighting products are also responsible for decorating the house and beautifying the environment. Regrettably, there are some quality shadows in the dazzling lighting market. Some consumers blindly pursue the appearance of fashion and beauty, ignoring the inherent quality of the lighting products. As a result, the lamps that are carefully selected for home use are inconvenient to use, and the service life is not long. Seriously, they also cause electric shock, fire, and endless troubles. The messy situation in the lighting market is indeed obvious to all. The reporter recently visited several lighting cities in Beijing and found that the quality of the products is mixed and the prices are very different. The most puzzling thing is that the same shape of retro crystal chandeliers, the price difference is very far. After the introduction of the salesperson, the reporter learned that one is a veritable crystal material, and the other is a fake imitation of plastic material, no matter the craft or the material. The reporter also found that high-quality crystal lamps of high quality are often prohibitive because of the high price, while the crystal-like crystal lamps are popular because of their low price and high degree of simulation. After all, more consumers are paying attention to style and price when purchasing lamps. Can cheaper be equated with Wumart? The answer is not necessarily, especially for some SME products that are unclear. The latest spot check report of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine shows that the average sampling pass rate of lighting products is only 58.0%. This spot check is mainly aimed at some small and medium-sized enterprises. Although the development of the lighting market is changing with each passing day, the quality of SME lighting products needs to be improved, especially some of the most basic safety items, such as protection against electric shock and durability of products. Anti-shock protection is an important indicator for evaluating the safety characteristics of lamps. The national standards stipulate that lamps should not touch live parts when they are properly installed, wired, replaced, or replaced. For example, the standard for fluorescent lamp holders: When the lamp is inserted or removed from the lamp holder, the lamp holder should provide protection against electric shock. In this spot check, the problem of product protection against electric shock is very prominent. The main cause of the failure is that the lamp holder used in the lamp does not provide sufficient protection against electric shock. When the lamp pin is inserted or pulled out of the lamp holder, the live pin has the risk of electric shock. The luminaire durability test is the main safety item to evaluate whether the luminaire can work normally within the expected time. The standard requirement is: after the test, the luminaire must not have unsafe hidden dangers; no part of the luminaire should be faulty; the marking on the luminaire should be clear visible. It has been found through trials that the phenomenon of unqualified product durability items is equally serious in the spot check. The main reason for the failure is that the magnetic ballast or electronic ballast used in the fluorescent lamp has no abnormal state protection measures. Under abnormal conditions, the ballast is immediately damaged or burned, so that the lamp can not be used continuously. In addition, there are some products in the spot check that the electronic ballast disturbance voltage exceeds the standard limit. The use of luminaires whose disturbance voltage exceeds the limit will directly affect the surrounding broadcast TV reception and the normal operation of the instrument. Industry experts told reporters that due to the low threshold of the lighting industry, the market demand is large and wide, so it attracted the participation of a large number of small and medium enterprises. These enterprises with weak development capabilities and poor quality management have less influence on the industry than large enterprises, but they also have a place in the market with low price advantage, thus affecting the overall quality level of the lighting industry. Experts also remind consumers that lamps are household appliances that are frequently used every day. When purchasing, you should first consider the safety and quality of the lamps and purchase lamps with CCC certification marks. (Author: Liu Yiting) Edited: China Lighting Network has done such a survey in the lighting forum, what kind of lamps are most popular in the market? Yes: 1 cheap, good quality, appearance is not good. (Please choose A); 2 higher price, Excellent quality, beautiful appearance. (Please choose B); 3 cheap, good quality, beautiful appearance. (Please choose C). As a result, many people responded by choosing C. The result is that it is worthwhile for us to illuminate our colleagues, including consumers to think about it. Editor: Zheng Yaqin 2005-8-14 China Lighting Network
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