Small apartment decoration does not worry, living room chandeliers and dining room lights are more worry-free!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
Generally speaking, the apartment is relatively small, the living room and the dining room are integrated, and there is no partition in the middle. This design will make the whole space look bigger. However, the step of matching lamps and lanterns has caused many people to worry. How is it suitable? Today, snooker Meiju Xiaobian tells you a little trick. For small units, the combination of living room chandeliers and restaurant lights is perfect. The overall collocation will appear more coordinated, which can not only highlight the style of the whole family, but also not make the whole space too depressing. The living room chandelier and dining room lights are matched together. The common one is the matching of mother and child lights. The living room area will be relatively larger. Choose the living room chandelier with larger specifications, the restaurant can be matched with the same series of small-sized chandeliers. The following is a real shot of our customer's living room chandelier and restaurant lights.
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