Small American full copper lamp new hot listing

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-30
On July, the all-copper lamp in snooker is just like this hot weather, with many happy events. Following the acceptance of the three batches of copper lamps, yesterday's snooker copper lamp once again sent good news. A group of American lamps with independent intellectual property rights officially met with consumers yesterday. This batch of American lamps has a total of 15 series and 58 single items. It is a product developed by the snooker all-copper lamp design team for more than five months. It is based on the characteristics of the American Copper lamp, which is thick, comfortable and simple. It avoids the shortcomings of American lamps and lanterns in the past, which are greatly affected by craftsmanship and personal manual technology. Use modern technology to express the characteristics of the product. While greatly improving the quality of American copper lamps, the production cost is correspondingly reduced. At the same time, the designer fully considered the relatively low height of ordinary commercial housing in China, and launched a large number of American lighting products suitable for the height of ordinary commercial and residential buildings in China on the premise of not affecting the beauty of the products.
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