Six strokes teach you to choose a satisfactory all-copper lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-11
In daily life, because most people know little about all-copper lamps, how to choose a good all-copper lamp when choosing a lamp for home decoration has become a big problem in front of them, in fact, as long as you master the six principles, you can choose the full copper lamp: the principle of simplicity-- All copper lamps should play a finishing touch in the room. Too complicated shapes and too complicated all-copper lamps are not suitable for designing simple rooms. Principle of convenience-- Most people have experienced the embarrassment of replacing the bulb of the ceiling lamp: stepping on the table, stepping on the chair, holding their heads 90 degrees, lifting their arms to the ceiling 2. 5 high or even higher. . . . . . When choosing a full copper lamp, be sure to consider the convenience of replacing the bulb. Chandeliers should be selected for rooms without suspended ceilings, because the distance from the lamp opening to the ground is small. Principles of energy conservation-- The energy-saving bulb not only saves electricity, but also has good lighting and does not dissipate heat. It is suitable for multi-head all copper lamps. Energy-saving lamp bulbs are mostly standard screws, while chandeliers have two calibers, one is standard all-copper lamps, which can use energy-saving bulbs; One is a non-standard all-copper lamp, which cannot use energy-saving bulbs. Security principles--Be sure to choose all-copper lamps from regular manufacturers. Regular products are marked with a total load. According to the total load, it is possible to determine how many wattage bulbs are used, especially for multi-head chandeliers, that is, the number of heads ×Wattage of each bulb = total load. In addition, waterproof copper lamps should be used in toilets and kitchens with large moisture. Functional Principles-- For rooms with different functions, full copper lamps of different styles and illuminance should be installed. The living room should be a bright, rich copper lamp; The bedroom should use a full copper lamp that makes people feel dazzling when lying on the bed; The children's room should be a full copper lamp with colorful and varied styles; Bathroom should choose a simple style of waterproof copper lamp; The kitchen should choose a full copper lamp that is easy to wipe and clean. Principles of coordination-- Lighting should be coordinated with the overall style of the room, while multiple all-copper lamps in the same room should maintain color coordination or style coordination. Such as wooden walls, wooden cabinets and rectangular balconies with wooden roofs are suitable for installing a rectangular wooden lamp. The rectangular hall equipped with wrought iron watches, metal tube glass dining tables and chairs is suitable for a pendant lamp made of rectangular metal tube. A bedroom with a golden cabinet door handle and a golden spotlight is suitable for lights with golden decorations.
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