Sichuan Meishan Mr. Li Villa full copper chandelier real shot appreciation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-05
Sichuan Meishan Mr. Li Villa all copper chandelier was officially installed today. The customer Mr. Li told us that we want to match the all-copper chandeliers, the halls and restaurants need to be matched, and the wall lamps are expected to be matched. According to the customer's floor height and decoration style, we recommended some new all-copper chandeliers from snooker Meiju to the customer. Later, the customer selected SZ50823 series. The living room is selected SZ50823- 20 chandeliers, the wall lamp in the living room is matched with SB50823- 01 The restaurant is matched with SZ50823- 06, the aisle is matched with the best-selling snooker: SZ06052-06. The following is the real shot effect after the customer installs. Living room chandelier SZ50823-24 restaurant chandelier SZ50823-06 aisle lights SZ06052-06
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