Share all copper garden lamp maintenance tips

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-09
The main materials of all-copper courtyard lamps are glass and brass, which are characterized by good texture, high appreciation value and collection value. It is precisely because courtyard lamps have the characteristics of diversity, beauty and beautification and decoration of the environment that they are also called landscape all-copper courtyard lamps. The height of all-copper courtyard lamps is generally below, and its main components consist of five parts: light source, lamps, lamp poles, flange plates and foundation embedded parts, it is mainly used for outdoor lighting in public places such as slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, parks, squares, etc. , which can prolong people's outdoor activities and improve property safety. In life, we need to maintain and clean not only the lamps placed in the family room, but also the outdoor all-copper courtyard lamps. Only in daily life can the lamps be maintained and cleaned, only in this way can the lamps emit different brilliant light, then the maintenance and cleaning of outdoor all-copper courtyard lamps are also exquisite: 1. Do not hang articles on all-copper courtyard lamps, such as quilts. 2. Do not switch the all-copper courtyard lamp frequently, because switching too frequently will greatly reduce its service life, so the switch of the lamp should be reduced as much as possible when using the lamp. 3. When the lampshade is found to be tilted in the use of all-copper courtyard lamps or during cleaning, it should be corrected at will to keep it beautiful; When adjusting the lampshade, pay attention to avoid the reflection of shadow when the three-prong bracket in the all-copper courtyard lamp is on; 4. Replace the aged light source in time according to the light source parameters provided by the sign. If the light source is found to be red, black or dark, and the light source cannot jump, the all-copper courtyard lamp light source shall be replaced in time, prevent unsafe phenomena such as ballast burning. 5. Landscape all-copper courtyard lamps are generally dusty. When cleaning, wipe them with a wet cloth. Keep the movements in the same direction. Do not rub them back and forth. The intensity should be moderate, especially for chandeliers and wall lamps. 6. Clean the interior of the all-copper courtyard lamp. When cleaning the bulb, power off and turn off the lamp first. When wiping, the bulb can be removed separately. If the lamp is cleaned directly, do not rotate the bulb clockwise to prevent the lamp cap from being too tight and peeling off.
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