Share all copper chandelier installation skills

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-10
Material preparation :(1)Construction materials: common materials are as follows. 1 Wood (Different specifications of water, wood, water board), Aluminum alloy (Plate, profile), Steel (Section steel, flat steel, steel plate), Mainly used as supporting components. (2) plastic, plexiglass plate and glass are used as spacers, and the outer decorative veneer, heat dissipation plate and copper plate are used. Electrochemical aluminum plate is used as decorative component. (3) other accessories such as screws, nails, rivets, finished lamps, adhesives, etc. (2) Construction Tools: pliers, screwdriver, hammer, electric jig saw, electric hammer, handsole, ruler, paint brush, etc. Structural Layer Connection :(1) Operation method: mainly consider the connection between embedded parts and transition parts. (1) first bury iron or wooden bricks in the structural layer (Except for water brick bearing). The embedding position should be accurate and there should be enough room for adjustment. (2) transitional connecting pieces are set on iron parts and wooden bricks so as to adjust the handling errors, which can be nailed, welded and screwed through. (3) the hanger Rod and sling are connected with the transition connector. (2) Precautions for installation: the following three points should be paid attention to during installation and construction. (1) if there are multiple all-copper chandeliers during installation, attention should be paid to their position and length. European chandeliers can be installed at the same time as the ceiling, which can be based on the ceiling joist, adjust the position and height of the lamp. (2) the hanger rod can be directly discharged and the casing can be added. The practice of adding a tube is conducive to installation, which can ensure the integrity of the roof and shed panels, and only drill holes at the position where the tube needs to be discharged. The hanging Cup directly out of the ceiling is not easy to find when it is installed. Sometimes it is possible to install the boom first and then cut off the panel to dig holes, but it has an impact on the decorative effect. (3) the hanger Rod should have a certain length of thread for height adjustment. Pay attention to the reliability of the connection when hanging the light box under the hanger rod.
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