Several important considerations for outdoor copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
1. Waterproof, outdoor all-copper lamps are inevitably exposed to rainy days when placed outdoors, so outdoor all-copper lamps must be waterproof, otherwise rain or immersion will cause the outdoor all-copper lamp circuit to be short-circuited and extinguished or flickering, causing safety hazards in the dark. Therefore, when purchasing outdoor full copper lamps, we must see whether there is a waterproof mark, and the waterproof grade must be greater than ip3. the larger the number, the better the waterproof performance of outdoor full copper lamps (About the waterproof level is no longer tired here). 2. Weather resistance, China's vast territory and abundant resources, the climate difference between the north and the South is obvious, and the climate in different seasons has different effects on the use of outdoor all-copper lamps. Especially the outdoor copper lamp electrical part (Lamp cap, wire, etc) If the headlights of inferior wires are used, it is very likely that the skin of the wires will be hard and brittle due to the cold, thus causing the internal core to break. In case of hot weather, the lamp cap wires of outdoor all-copper lamps will soften due to overheating, thus causing the outer skin of outdoor all-copper lamp wires to fuse and short circuit. 3. Materials and workmanship, a high-quality outdoor all-copper lamp needs to be made of good materials. At present, most of the better outdoor all-copper lamps are made of H62 brass, which has the main advantage of strong impact resistance. If some inferior materials are selected, the impact resistance of this outdoor all-copper lamp will be much worse. 4. Anti-positive ultraviolet ability. As we all know, Solar ultraviolet rays are metal killers. It is easy to oxidize without the premise of protection. Therefore, outdoor all-copper lamps should be treated with anti-oxidation on the metal surface. It directly determines the service life of outdoor all-copper lamps. Slightly better outdoor all-copper lamps are mostly treated with high temperature oxidation resistance.
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