Selection of indoor height and brightness of European chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
Generally speaking, the indoor light source is 2. At about 3 m, the lighting effect is better. Therefore, when choosing a European chandelier or ceiling lamp, you should be optimistic about the height of the room and then decide which one to choose. If your room has only 2. 5 m, then the length of the European chandelier itself should be 20 ~ 35 cm. If your room height exceeds 2. 5 m, such as 2. About 8 m, there is a lot of choice. You can choose a general European ceiling lamp or a length of 40 ~ 50cm European-style all-copper chandelier to create a better decorative effect. While paying attention to the floor height of the room, it is also necessary to pay attention to the larger area of the room, the diameter of the lamp can be slightly larger, and the height from the ground can be slightly lower. Secondly, the relationship between room space and lighting luminosity can refer to the following standards: 15 square meters ~ The space of 18 square meters is 60w ~ 80 w, 30 square meters ~ 40 square meters of space with 100w ~ 130 w, 40 square meters ~ The space of 50 square meters is about 220 w. The appropriate choice of indoor height and brightness of European chandeliers will bring a finishing touch to your home decoration.
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