Selection of all copper lamps in different spaces

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-27
The function of each space is different, and the selected all-copper lamp is also different. In the living room, if the living room has a large area, a full copper chandelier with a larger shape can be used, and a full copper floor lamp that can support dimming can be placed next to the sofa. Bedroom, bedroom is a place for people to rest and recharge, so the light color must be soft, it will not make people feel dazzling, it is good for people to sleep, in addition to installing a main light, some all-copper bedside wall lamps can also be installed. The study, the study is mainly used for people to learn to charge, so you can install some eye-protecting copper desk lamps in the study for reading and learning. It is more suitable to install embedded all-copper ceiling lamps in kitchens and kitchens in order to provide sufficient light. All-copper wall lamps can also be installed in places requiring special lighting, one for auxiliary lighting and the other for decoration. Toilet and toilet have more water vapor. When choosing full copper lamps, be sure to pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof. It is more appropriate to choose fully enclosed full copper lamps, such as installing small full copper ceiling lamps in the dry area, install all-copper mirror headlights on both sides of the mirror on the sink.
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