sea gull chandeliers recalled after falls from ceilings

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-08
Seagull lighting products are reported to fall from the ceiling and cause property damage and are currently recalling about 9,600 chandeliersS.
The Consumer Product Safety Committee said Thursday.
The commission said in a statement that the recall by Skokie, Illinois, involved seven chandelier collections, including Brandywine, bay leaf, Newport and New Verona.
They are made in China.
A screw collar that holds the chandelier to the ceiling may break, causing the chandelier to fall, the statement said.
It is reported that the company has received four reports of the chandelier falling from the ceiling, with property losses of about $1,600.
There were no reports of injuries.
The recall involved about 8,800 chandeliers in the United States and about 800 in Canada, the statement said.
Chandeliers are sold through electrical supply and furniture stores as well as other retailers including online.
From November 2006 to August 2013, they were sold for $250 to $750.
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