Sand turning technology makes all copper lamps more perfect

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
Since ancient times, Chinese culture has a long history, and the development of the lighting industry is even more commendable. From the use of Moonlight lighting, kerosene lamps, to the current copper lamps, all reflect the wisdom of the Chinese. Copper lamp is not only a kind of lighting utensil, but also an embodiment of art and a shaping of value. The snooker all-copper lamp uses 62 brass through 36 processes. The artistic value is self-evident. Here'Art' Including the beauty of the shape of the copper lamp and the beauty of the decoration of the copper lamp. Today, we will talk about the sand turning process used in the production of copper lamps. Sand turning is to pour molten metal into the mold cavity, the production method of obtaining products after cooling and solidification when producing copper lamps, we use the traditional sand casting process to make all-copper lamp fittings, which have achieved fine and high-grade effects. The process of making all-copper lamp fittings by using sand casting copper process, the following three steps can be used to roughly explain the first step: according to the design drawings or templates, the original master mold is carved with gypsum or other materials. Because we all invited the most experienced and skilled masters to carve in the carving project, the completed all-copper lamp will be more exquisite and beautiful, the value of copper lamps can also be reflected here. The second step is to use clay or chemical binder and carefully selected sand ( According to the different manufacturing, the fineness of the selected sand is also different) After mixing in a certain proportion, apply it on the master mold, and take out the master mold inside after it is completely solidified to obtain a full copper lamp cavity sand mold. The third step is to inject copper into the cavity sand mold after melting at high temperature, and remove the sand mold on the surface after the copper is completely solidified and cooled. You can get a matte copper fitting for a full copper lamp. Of course, this accessory also needs to go through the following processes such as polishing and polishing before it can be applied to the finished copper lamp. The above is a general description of the sand turning process used in the production process of all-copper lamps. There are still many processes in our copper lamp production process, from the choice of copper, the choice of style, the fineness of engraving, the thickness of the elbow is a link that cannot be ignored.
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