Sales staff must read--All copper lamp sales skills

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-06
Why do you need a salesperson? The role of the salesperson is to guide the customer to buy the product that suits him with the knowledge of the product, so that the customer can understand the product in all aspects and choose safely and safely. In the process of selling all copper lamps, what skills should be possessed? Its skills are to control and apply customer psychology, product professional knowledge, social common sense, expression ability and communication ability, etc. It is a reflection of the ability of all-copper lamp sales personnel, and it is also a kind of working skill. Doing all-copper lamp sales is a process of communication between people. The purpose is to move with emotion and understand with reason, luring to benefit. Common sales techniques include: Guiding the transaction method, assuming the transaction method, key button transaction method, Franklin comparison method, door handle transaction method, and both soft and hard casting.
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