Sales skills of all-Copper Solder lamps (II)

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
As we have explored a lot in the glass solder lamp sales terminal, we often encounter such a situation. Because of our introduction and the low-key characteristics of the glass solder lamp itself, our customers actually like the glass solder lamp we recommend. It can be said that at this time, our sales promotion has almost reached the point where we can pay for it. As everyone knows, in the middle of the road, Chen Yaojin, and the other customers who came with the customer did not buy it. I don't care about the enthusiasm of our purchase. On the contrary, it will pour a cold water to the customers who are ready to make a deal: what philosophical level, such a general lamp is still a treasure! Let's go to XXX and have a look. Obviously, the cooked duck is likely to fly away because of my wrong way of taking the move. At this time, we often make moves for the following mistakes. 1. No, I think this glass solder lamp is quite good. ( People don't like to have reasons for dislike. If they don't find the root cause, they will immediately impose their will on others, which will easily arouse stronger opposition from others) 2. This is the glass solder lamp style we are mainly pushing this year. (There is no direct relationship between the new style and whether you like it or not. Imagine that we don't like new styles, and we won't want new styles) 3, this glass solder lamp is very special, how can it not look good? ( If there is any inconsistency between the characteristics you mentioned and the preferences of the guests, resistance will arise. At this time, emphasizing the characteristics of the products is not to further widen the distance between you? ) 4, no matter what others say, you feel good. ( People are all face-saving. Those who can accompany him must have an unusual relationship. If you buy something that the accompanying personnel don't like, you can't hold your face, second, it is obvious that the peers will underestimate themselves) The correct method should be as follows: 1. Shopping guide: This gentleman (Miss) It seems that you not only have a very deep understanding of glass solder lights, but also are very concerned about friends. It is good to bring friends like you to buy things together! May I ask, what other aspects do you think are not suitable for this glass solder lamp? We can exchange views and help your good friend choose something that really suits him, okay? 2, shopping guide :(For customers) Your friend is very good at buying glass solder lamps, and he is also very careful. No wonder you bring him to buy them? (For accompanying buyers)May I ask this gentleman (Miss) What else do you think is inappropriate for you? You can tell me, let's give advice to your friend and help him buy a style that is more suitable for his style. Do you think so? Interpretation of tricks: Don't let yourself and your associates become enemies. Associates can become friends or enemies.
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