Said the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns design line

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
1. Rich experience in custom of lamps and lanterns from the beginning to the end go high-end line of lamps and lanterns, this is the purpose of the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns. The quality and quantity of light controlled by someone, so the quality is not only a check. Firmly into the design, from life to carry on the design, and then to restore life, in order to make the design of lamps and lanterns not offline in a timely manner. Two core values determined hotel lighting adhere to the perfect combination of art and design, greatly improved the value of products, enhance the value of the brand at the same time, reflects the quality of products, and at a higher level to meet the needs of consumers. Innovation concept is solid, continuous innovation, classification is complete, the variety, the design is exquisite, with the full attitude runs in the forefront of lighting. Firmly practice the core values in the daily production, will never be shaken. Three, the brand positioning clear objectives for the front end of the industry, the target is very clear. Have a clear plan about how to go to walk, and the future market will be how to change has been the most detailed master. Four, large market share to occupy the market, early and many size cities set up branch offices in China; To expand overseas markets, that no one in the world know China lighting technology of the peak, and then demonstrate its power. In recent years, the design of the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns got great development, but 'lamps and lanterns design' status more reflected in the commercial space, urban construction, landscape design, etc. There are few professional lighting designers 'lamps and lanterns design' in the family environment. 。 Home decoration designers to consider how to make more lights to better match the style of the room. The key points in the following share in the process of lighting design. Dot, line, face, body and color use are important elements in the design of the lamp. In addition, the function of the lamp including structure, color, environment and material elements. Visible 'material' and 'color' plays a decisive role in the design of the room. Lights design, more designer ', 'tend to use' light '. In fact, the design of the 'light' should not only focus on 'light', and to reasonably make use of the 'light'. The function of the hotel engineering lamps and lanterns can only reflect its value in use process. The designer's design goal is to design with a specific function of the lamp. Function is to determine the basis of existence value of lamps and lanterns. When people buy lamp, don't need light entity, but the functions of need entities. No matter how delicate and subtle, the main body of lamps and lanterns once lost its function, lamps and lanterns is itself will lose its meaning. On the contrary, as long as the designer understand the function of the lamp design, he can use creative thinking to create a variety of different light entities. The function of light reflect the light and the relationship between people. People use the function of the lamp to feeling between man and nature, man and society and between people and the external environment of coordination.
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