Romantic atmosphere--European-style all-copper restaurant chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
The dining room chandeliers are mainly used to match the dining table and dining environment. The dining room lights can generally be hung with European-style all-copper dining room chandeliers. In order to achieve the effect, they cannot be installed too high, just on the sight line of the diner. The rectangular dining table is equipped with two or long oval European-style all-copper restaurant chandeliers, which must have a light and shade regulator and a lifting function for other functions, chinese food pays attention to color, aroma, taste and shape. It often needs bright warm colors. When eating, if the light is slightly darker and softer, it can create a romantic atmosphere. The ceiling and walls of the dining room should have sufficient light, otherwise it will affect the appetite. Spotlights or wall lamps can be used for auxiliary lighting. The selection and layout skills of European-style all-copper restaurant chandeliers and all-copper chandeliers are exquisite, it can be subdivided into the following points: ① European-style all-copper restaurant chandeliers should be installed on the Chinese dining table in the restaurant, and all-copper chandeliers with unique shape, soft light and soft light and simple and elegant color should be installed on the dining table. The faint light quietly reflects on the steaming delicacies, which can stimulate people's appetite and create a warm atmosphere of becoming a monk, and can also promote the physical and mental health of family members. The most direct function of the all-copper chandelier on the dining table as lighting is to facilitate daily dining. (2) bright colors and soft light sources should be adopted for restaurant lighting, while bright colors and soft light sources should be adopted for restaurants. Feng shui believes that bright colors can bring a lively atmosphere and promote people's appetite, add to the fun of dining. At the same time, it can also enhance people's luck and wealth. From the wind and water environment, sufficient sunshine will make the family more prosperous, so the restaurant is best to open the window in the South to facilitate lighting. The restaurant should be equipped with all-copper chandeliers with unique shapes, soft light and elegant colors. (3) the color of the restaurant is coordinated with the indoor color. Do not affect the coordination of the whole room because of the local color decoration of the restaurant. In choosing the color of the restaurant, it is necessary to coordinate with the color and feng shui of the house. Generally, it is appropriate to use the color of Shengwang.
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