Revealed complete copper lamp market new pattern

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
In recent years, with the decline of traditional crystal lamps and other lamps, all-copper lamps have become increasingly optimistic. Some lamp manufacturers in other fields have invested in all-copper lamps in an endless stream. According to incomplete statistics, only in the first half of 2013, the number of manufacturers that transformed into the production of all-copper lamps exceeded the total development of all-copper lamp manufacturers in the past three years. According to relevant investigations, compared with the market trend of all-copper lamps in previous years, some obvious changes have taken place this year, mainly in the following two points: first, all-copper lamps are no longer synonymous with European classical lamps, since the full copper lamp entered the Chinese market, it has been crowned with European classical style, which has almost become synonymous with this style of lamps. In the development process of all-copper lamps for so many years, many manufacturers have invested in this field for simple reproduction. Since entering 2012, with the gradual maturity of the all-copper lamp market, customers have become more aware of all-copper lamps. They have become more and more rational in their choice of all-copper lamps and no longer blindly invest as before. And more concerned about the positioning and product quality of the all-copper lamp brand. In order to adapt to such changes in the market, some far-sighted manufacturers began to think about redefining all-copper lamps and developed some all-copper lamps that are strictly different from European classical lamps. What is more prominent is the emergence of Chinese-style all-copper lamps. In the past, all-copper lamps were actually sold to the public with versatile products, especially for pure Chinese-style decoration, because the so-called sheepskin and ceramic lamps, which have always represented pure Chinese style, cannot walk out of the shadow of low-end products due to the limitations of materials and workmanship. However, some pure Chinese-style decorations in China are gradually moving towards a low-key and rich development trend. This trend has not been realized in the field of lighting. Therefore, it leaves room for the development of European classical all-copper lamps. Since the second half of last year, some all-copper lamp enterprises have begun to develop some pure Chinese-style all-copper lamp products, which focus on the architectural styles of the Ming and Qing dynasties and the late Tang dynasties, A large number of pure Chinese-style copper lamp products have been developed. As soon as these products are put into the market, they have aroused strong repercussions from consumers. In addition, some manufacturers engaged in traditional crystal lamps and home lighting products in the past, while summing up the lessons of low-level repeated construction in the past, also take advantage of their advantages preserved in the original field, some all-copper lamps with relatively low floor height have been developed, which are suitable for ordinary commercial and residential buildings. It changed the strong and low-key style of all-copper lamps in the past and added some luxurious elements such as crystal. It should also add another new comment to the all-copper lamp. Second, all copper lamp manufacturers no longer squeeze into the traditional wholesale Road. As we all know, due to historical reasons, in the development of the all-copper lamp industry in the past few years, when everyone repeatedly copied rival products at a low level, their sales channels and sales methods were exactly the same, they are all squeezed into traditional wholesale channels. For a time, the full copper lamp market was full of smoke. However, the profit of all copper lamps is almost approaching the trough with the development of the market. Some companies have begun to develop some invisible channels that were not known in the past. For example, some all-copper lamp enterprises that lack support in product research and development and financial strength have begun to develop grid retail channels with fast capital recovery. Other all-copper lamp enterprises with strong development strength have begun to pay attention to the customization of all-copper lamp products while doing a good job in the original channels. This can not only bring higher profits to enterprises, but also help enterprises to better develop marketable all-copper lamp shaping products.
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