Reveal the whole copper lamp manufacturing process

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
As the name implies, the sand-turning copper process is actually to use the traditional sand-turning casting process to make all-copper lamp fittings. This is a very old casting method in our country. Speaking of its long history, it can be traced back to thousands of years ago. As for its origin and development history, it is no longer stated here. This article only gives a brief introduction to the sand turning copper process applied in the production process of all-copper lamps. The process of making accessories for all-copper lamps by using sand-turning copper technology can be briefly described by the following steps. Step 1: According to the physical objects or drawings of all-copper lamp fittings, the most original master mold can be carved with gypsum or other materials. In the second step, clay or chemical binder is mixed with carefully selected sand according to a certain proportion and then coated on the master mold. After the master mold is completely solidified, the master mold inside is taken out, all copper lamp cavity sand mold is obtained. The third step is to inject copper into the cavity sand mold after melting at high temperature, and remove the sand mold on the surface after the copper is completely solidified and cooled. You can get a matte copper fitting for a full copper lamp. Of course, this accessory also needs to go through the following processes such as polishing and polishing before it can be applied to the finished copper lamp. In the whole process of making the sanding copper fittings of the all-copper lamp, several factors determine the quality of the whole sanding copper fittings. The first is the carving level of the carving master, the finer the carving, the better the mother mold, and the better the copper lamp fittings made later. Second, the fineness of sand and its proportion of mixing with clay or binder are also decisive factors in determining the quality of the final copper lamp fittings. The copper content of the third copper is also a key factor. The method of bonding sand is to make sand mold according to the all-copper lamp to be made, and then produce the required casting through this molding material. ( The copyright of this article is owned by nuomei residence. Please indicate the source if you need to reprint it)
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