Reveal the secret of the composition of the tin strip of the all-copper glass solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
All-copper glass solder lamps are mainly made of brass and glass, and tin bars act as adhesives in the middle, the application of tin bars has a great influence on the final product quality and aesthetic effect of all-copper glass solder lamps. In the past, many people were concerned about the quality of solder, the smoothness and beauty of solder, and few people paid attention to the composition of tin, the biggest impact of the problem of tin composition is the harm to people's health. At present, the market is mainly divided into lead-free tin strips and lead-containing tin strips. The main difference is the lead-containing problem. Lead is a harmful substance to people and has a great impact on people's health, especially for children. Now news often reports the problem of lead poisoning. Lead-free tin bars are made of pure tin, with Good wettability, fluidity and tin feeding. The solder joints are bright, full, and will not be welded. Adding enough antioxidant elements has strong antioxidant capacity. Made of pure tin, less tin slag, reducing unnecessary waste. Lead-free tin strips comply with RoHS standards and have a higher safety index. So why do some manufacturers still use lead-containing tin bars when manufacturing all-copper glass solder lamps? This is because lead-containing tin bars are much cheaper than non-lead tin bars. In order to save costs, these manufacturers use lead-containing tin bars to make all-copper glass solder lamps. The results can be imagined, the cost of all-copper glass solder lamps has come down and sold cheaply. However, this kind of all-copper solder glass lamp will volatilize and produce harmful substances after being used for a long time, which will affect the health of the family. Therefore, when purchasing all-copper glass solder lamps, we must not covet the temporary low price, and cause greater losses.
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