Reveal the core production process of all copper lamp manufacturers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-24
As a high-end lamp category, all-copper lamps have always been very luxurious. No matter from its material selection, production process, etc. are very strict and critical, so how are these done? Can we have such a price and the value of collection in appreciation? The importance of material selection the material selection of all-copper lamps is a very strict matter, and the quality of materials directly affects the value of the whole lamps. Copper is generally made of H62 brass, which is the best choice for plasticity and manufacturability. The importance of handwork many processes of all-copper lamps are completed manually, which has a great test for the skills of operators. Taking glass solder as an example, the perfect should be that the tin strip is flat, the transition corner is natural, and there are no extra edges and missing welding, multiple welding, loopholes, etc. Pickling, sealing, glazing, oiling, all-copper lamps, mainly anti-oxidation and improving the service life, all depend on the importance of these process treatments. Whether a good all-copper lamp is used for a long time, the beauty and convenience of the package are the importance of these processes. Every link in the production process of all-copper lamps is very important. To get a beautiful all-copper lamp, it also depends on whether the manufacturer has high technology, strict management technology and strong after-sales guarantee.
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