Retro European bathroom mirror headlights, illuminate your beauty!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-05
When it comes to beauty, I always feel that this is the nature of girls. Nowadays, every household decoration will be equipped with a mirror headlights that they like, installed on the dressing table, or installed in the bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a classic European mirror headlights to illuminate the beauty of the whole family. Simple and simple, not exaggerated, not luxurious, just match the decoration style of the home. This European-style bathroom mirror headlights, model is SB07006- 01, semi-circular shape, wall installation, simple and convenient. Its special feature is the glass of the lampshade. Unlike the common mirror headlights, it is monotonous frosted glass or clear glass. This mirror headlight lampshade is designed with frosted glass, the frosted glass part is slightly hazy and beautiful, and the light emitted is very soft and not dazzling, and the clear light leaves a mysterious feeling. A simple and versatile bathroom mirror headlights, I believe you will like it. The following is the bathroom mirror front light SB07006-01 installation effect.
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