Retro Chinese chandelier embellishes ancient home

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-06
Lamps and lanterns seem to only play a lighting role, but it is not very important. In fact, it is essential for home furnishing. In addition to its lighting effect, it can also render the atmosphere of home furnishing, embellish the home style and play a great decorative role. Nowadays, many people love Chinese-style lamps and lanterns and are attracted by their strong Chinese flavor. A classic Chinese chandelier always makes people have endless aftertaste. Chandeliers are commonly used lamps in living rooms. Generally, Chinese style chandeliers are selected in living rooms of Chinese style. Through the lines and exquisite carving of chandeliers, Chinese flavor is highlighted. The shape of the Chinese chandelier is classical, bright and neat, and the yellowish warm light gives a warm and pleasant atmosphere. SD07339- 04 this Chinese chandelier gives the impression that it is small but exquisite, beautifully hollowed out copper carved decoration, with symmetrical back-to-back lamp poles on both sides, which are highly representative Chinese elements. The white frosted glass also sets off a fresh fashion sense, and the bottom is designed by hand to add to this lamp. This 4SD07339- 04 Chinese chandelier specifications: 470*420, applicable places: living room, dining room, study, applicable area: 15-20 ㎡.
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