Restaurant choose droplight tile more appropriate? How to choose?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-24
Restaurant choose droplight tile more appropriate? How to choose? 0 - 0 - When the restaurant or home in decorating inside, should be based on their actual needs, and design requirements, choose the right adornment, droplight and restaurant as one kind of decoration and real goods, on the choice especially need to pay attention to, so the restaurant droplight choose several tile more appropriate? How to choose? Here is to look at together. 。 Use leds in general, if need to use the place is a family, so try to choose a few more energy saving, service life long restaurant will be more appropriate, droplight more advice is LED lights here. In general, in the restaurant is filled with LED lights, as long as buy a W power around the bulb is enough to use. Also can install multiple bulb and droplight, added up to a total of more than 10 watts, so for family use, already bright enough. Such a choice, not only meet the needs of the province electricity, also ensure the bright. 。 Droplight color model in addition to considering the power light bulbs, we when choosing a restaurant droplight, consider to the problem of color, generally we will recommend to choose light color, because the droplight with light color can let a person look more comfortable, have a good mood. And if want to do and droplight is tie-in, can choose brunet floor, so the sky at the foot of the light weight, won't cause uncomfortable feeling to people. In addition, we can find that most restaurants droplight is the use of the circle, instead of the square, because the meaning of square is hanging on the head when the mouth someone, that would mean someone in jail, but a circle has a complete meaning, more suitable for China's household. Above is about restaurant droplight matters need to pay attention to when choosing, actually when choosing lamps and lanterns there are still many places need to be aware of, especially to choose the lamps and lanterns of a professional company to provide good quality restaurants droplight, and bright meijia is very good, is a good market reputation, professional brand strength of the lamps and lanterns, can try to understand it. A: lamps and lanterns can also be customized? How can I go to the process of lamps and lanterns of custom? Next article: restaurant the selection method of droplight, teach you how to select practical tips! Product recommendations
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