[Remote] developed a high-frequency detection system for fluorescent lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-02
 Hangzhou Yuanfang Optoelectronic Information Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a full-performance high-frequency characteristic detection system for YF2401 tubular fluorescent lamps, which has filled the gap in the field of fluorescent lamp detection in China and contributed to improving the detection level of fluorescent lamps in China. The fluorescent high-frequency detection system developed by “Yuanfang” integrates the reference high-frequency power supply, the reference pure-resistance high-frequency ballast (smart variable resistance type), the preheating device, the high-frequency parameter measurement system and the intelligent software into a complete function and easy operation. The stable and reliable comprehensive tester, all the buttons and knobs are all numerically controlled. It can measure the electrical parameters of all compact fluorescent lamps (energy-saving lamps) and T5, T4 and other high-frequency fluorescent lamps. The technical indicators are in full compliance with IEC standards. 'Yarfang' company's YF2401 high-frequency detection system, in addition to easy to test the high-frequency electrical parameters of fluorescent lamps, has the following characteristics: can find the best matching value of electronic ballasts and fluorescent lamps, find high efficiency and long life The best working point; can easily draw out the photoelectric parameter curve of any tubular fluorescent lamp including individual negative resistance characteristics; it can conveniently measure the starting voltage of fluorescent lamp in high frequency state; the instrument also has built-in Adjustable preheater. YF2401 can make the quality of fluorescent lamp manufacturers more stable, and make electronic ballasts and whole lamp manufacturers match the electrical parameters more accurately and reliably. Excerpt from Consumer Daily China Lighting Special Issue 2005 No. 7    
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