Quietly tell you the secret of European wall lamp installation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
In addition to installing the main lamp, most of the home decoration will be matched with European wall lamps for auxiliary lighting. Wall lamps are tools used for auxiliary lighting indoors and outdoors. How much is the height of European wall lamps suitable for installation? European wall lamps are divided into outdoor and indoor. Outdoor wall lamps generally refer to outdoor spaces such as corridors, courtyards and outdoors. Usually the installation height of outdoor wall lamps is Horizon 1. 8 meters high position. Indoor wall lamps are usually installed on indoor Horizon 1. 7-1. 8 meters high position. At the same time, indoor wall lamps are roughly divided into bedroom wall lamps, living room wall lamps, corridor corridor wall lamps and other types. The installation height of the bedroom bedside wall lamp is Horizon 1. 4-1. 2240, the installation height of the wall lamp in the study is- 2265mm, at this time the radiation range of light is just covering the working face. The installation height of the bedside wall lamp is different from that of other indoor spaces. The bedside wall lamp is generally installed on the terrace 0. 6-1. Between 0 meters. Generally speaking, the installation height of European wall lamps should be beneficial to the horizontal sight of the owners, otherwise it will not play the role of lighting assistance. Generally speaking, the height of wall lamps should be slightly higher than their own height.
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