Quietly tell you the secret of choosing the chandelier in the living room

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
After buying a new house, the biggest headache is about the decoration of the house. What style do you want to choose? What kind of furniture should I choose to match? Another important thing is about the choice of lamps and lanterns. Now the living standard is getting better and better, and buying lamps is also very exquisite. So about buying lights, which area of the lights do you think first? There is no doubt that it is the living room chandelier. The lamps in the living room are the main lights, representing the whole facade and the taste of the host family! Is it true that buying a living room chandelier also makes you confused? Snooker comes to tell the living room chandelier to buy SO easy ~ The living room chandelier has been selected, and the other lamps in the house need not be entangled. In addition to what we often say to match the decoration style when choosing chandeliers in the living room, there is another important point that is based on the height of your living room. The height of the floor is divided into ordinary commercial housing and duplex villa buildings. For domestic ordinary commercial housing, the height of the floor is generally not too high, generally at 2. 7 m-3. Between 2 meters. In order to prevent the space from being oppressive, it is recommended to keep the distance from the ground at 2. 2-2. Between, we can consider the height below, plus the living room chandeliers will be equipped with hanging chains, which can be adjusted according to the length you need. If it is a duplex building, the floor height will generally be relatively high, and it is recommended to be 3. 2-3. Between 6 meters. Then choose the chandelier of the first year of college according to the specific situation of your home. If you determine the size, or correct the combination is not suitable for your home, at this time, what you are entangled is definitely the matching effect. Don't worry about this, the all-copper lamp manufacturer snooker will help you end this problem. As long as you send us the photos of your home, we will design multiple sets of matching schemes for you free of charge. Ordinary commercial housing living room chandelier matching effect duplex building Villa living room chandelier matching effect
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