Quietly tell you all copper European table lamp selection skills

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-28
European-style desk lamp is one of the types of lamps and lanterns. It is mainly placed on writing desks or dining tables for lighting purposes. The bright irradiation range of European-style desk lamp is relatively small and concentrated, so it will not affect the light of the whole room, and its function is limited around the desk lamp, which is convenient for reading and learning and saves energy, however, an all-copper desk lamp is made of brass, which is characterized by good texture, high appreciation value and collection value. Here, the all-copper desk lamp has achieved the best of both worlds. 1. Desktop illuminance requires that the working area irradiated by European table lamp should be 250lx-500lx, minimum illuminance should be ≥120l 2. The requirement of illuminance uniformity should ensure that the illuminance is relatively uniform in the working area irradiated by European table lamp, and no particularly bright or dark light spot can be generated. Only by ensuring the basic optical performance requirements of these three points, in order to slow down the fatigue of the eyes, it can be called a writing desk lamp.
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