Quality inspection process of all copper lamp manufacturers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
Snooker Meiju all-copper lamp manufacturer will analyze the basic quality inspection process of all-copper lamp manufacturers. 1. Preliminary inspection of accessories: the accessories we made in the hardware workshop will be inspected for the first time in the batching area, and only the finished products that have passed the quality inspection can be put into the warehouse, this is the embodiment of our product quality and the perfection of the company's system. Some of the produced and processed accessories are strictly inspected for quality, and the bad ones are selected and classified with plastic frames and attached with red labels. Considering that metal accessories are easy to cause bad scratches when they are touched together, the good products are packed in plastic bags and classified according to the model, which is convenient for the next process personnel to quickly find the desired accessories. 2, lampshade inspection, after the copper strip is welded with the art glass, after a series of processes, a finished lampshade is completed, you can get the lampshade storage area, before entering the warehouse, still have to go through strict quality inspection, the defective products will be returned to rework. Then put it according to the model classification. After that, if it needs to be used for assembly, it can be taken to the assembly workshop for further assembly after another inspection. 3. QC Inspection: inspect the assembled whole lamp. All the newly purchased materials need to be strictly inspected by IPQC before they can be put into the warehouse, and the defective products will be returned to the supplier. Assemble the produced accessories into a whole lamp. After assembling the whole lamp, conduct lighting test, grounding Test and high voltage test in strict accordance with the national 3C certification standard. Only qualified lamps after testing can enter the warehouse. 4, shipping packaging inspection: before the shipment of each lamp, the factory will be strictly packaged, packaging is related to the safety of lamps in transportation. In this way, the integrity of the lamps sent to the customer can be guaranteed.
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